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Alien Outlaw by C.F. Harris – Free eBooks Download


All Rachel wanted was a little excitement. She was tired of the same old boring work traveling through deep space working as a glorified warp space telephone repair tech.
Only Rachel is about to learn she should be careful what she wishes for as a sexy golden Vosk pirate ship drops out of warp space and hits her with the hottest alien invasion in the history of Terran-Vosk relations!
Vrath knew a raid deep in Terran space was a terrible idea. High risk, high reward. Only the job quickly becomes all risk, no reward, and ridiculously complicated as they run into a Terran repair frigate that shouldn’t be there and half his crew mutinies when he refuses to kidnap the humans and sell them into slavery!
Which is bad, sure, but all Vrath can think about is her. The intoxicating exotic Terran beauty who won’t be broken. Who fights as well as any of his warriors and proves to him again and again why the humans seem to constantly have the upper hand in the Terran-Vosk war.
It’s a tale as old as time. Alien boy meets human girl. Human girl tries to kill alien boy. Alien boy and human girl work together to stop a dangerous mutiny while trying not to let the simmering sexual tension explode at the worst possible moment!

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