Alien Outcast’s Exiled Bride by Juno Wells (ePUB)

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Alien Outcast’s Exiled Bride (Draconian Warriors #10) by Juno Wells – Free eBooks Download


I’ve killed a queen. She was a vicious Draconian queen bent on death and destruction but she was my queen none the less. And I gunned her down in cold blood. No male hasever killed a queen and lived to tell the tale. Queen Cassandra granted me a pardon and took me into her favor for siding when her when the war was all but lost. I try to act normal but nightmares plague my sleep and the other warriors look at me as broken.
When times of war called me to action again, I answered for I have nothing else to lose. Being forced to cover a human queen does strange things to my mind and body. I begin to covet things I know the other warriors will never permit me to have.

Being exiled from the bio-domes on Earth is a death sentence. I roam in a group of five looking for water, scavenging food where we can find it. When we’re turned away from the last human city and are on the verge of death we stumble upon a Draconian emergency station.
When I ask for sanctuary the male assigned to speak me with is stunning. He puts himself between me and the enemy, saves my life and offers me sanctuary. The thing is, I want more. He might be standoffish and cold at times but once we touch all the ice melts away leaving only searing hot passion. That’s what keeps me coming back.

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