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This land is ruled by predators. And I am their prey.

I’m leaving Earth to live in the colony planet Draxon because I need an escape. To start a new life and leave Chicago – and my broken heart – behind.

But on the way there, something goes wrong. Before we can land safely, the cockpit doors fly open to screams. The cabin lights flicker, and passengers flee to the escape pods as the ship hurtles through the atmosphere.
Somehow I survive the crash. But when I wake, I’m surrounded by howling predators, and there is no way to escape. Using all of my energy, I shoot my last flare into the sky and pray for rescue. As the light dies, I see the outline of something horrific.
Standing in front of me is an alien barbarian, naked. His body is monolithic. As he steps forward, something big swings across his thigh.

My heart is racing. Am I turned on? Not exactly…

He is a monster. And I don’t want to know what he can do with that… thing.
When he takes me, he’s not gentle. He’s rough, demanding, and possessive. And when I try to run, he shows me a bond as tough as steel.
He believes I’m his fated mate sent from the stars. And though I want to correct him, there’s something else about this place that won’t let me leave.
Something terribly wrong…

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