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Alien Legends: The Complete Series by Eden Ember – Free eBooks Download


The complete 5 book Alien Legends series, a Starlight Matchmaking Romance.

Ax’Lok’s Mate
The insanely handsome alien captain bought me as his bride!Just out of curiosity I stepped into the Starlight Matchmaking Agency, you know, just
to see if the legends were true. My friends dared me to do it and I never back down from a dare.

Atargus’ Mate
The smoking hot blue alien captured my heart despite my intent not to fall in love. My only goal is to find Briel. She came to the Starlight Matchmaking Agency in New York and simply vanished without a trace. I will not sit back and do nothing, not since I found Starlight Matchmaking Agency in Chicago. I’ll do anything to find my friend.

Yrik’s Mate
He’s muscled, red, and incredibly gentle. And oh, did I mention he’s also an alien? And he wants me! When Briel and Ariana surprise me with a visit and their hot new alien mates, they compel me to take the same path. Starlight Matchmaking Agency shows me my perfect match and oh boy! Or oh alien! Never did I dream of meeting my soul mate through a dating agency, let alone one from another planet.

Taklun’s Mate
The hot tattooed alien desires to claim me as his mate. And I just may let him! Starlight Matchmaking Agency shows up in my neighborhood. Could it be fate? Though I’ve sworn never to step foot in one, I find myself entering the facility. Now I find out why Briel, Ariana, and Gemma disappeared.

Xiven’s Mate
The alien’s super smart and hot to boot and he’s made his intentions clear, he wants to claim me as his mate. Anya finds me and introduces me to her alien mate, explaining what happened to Briel, Gemma, and Ariana. Is this for real? Yet, he’s here in the flesh, larger than life. When they leave in a hurry, I’m compelled to enter Starlight Matchmaking Agency and meet my fated alien mate and travel off in the stars to a new life.

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