Alien Invader’s Curvy Fated Choice by Juno Wells (ePUB)

invader's fated choice, sara nebula

Alien Invader’s Curvy Fated Choice (Queens of Yalania #3) by Sara Nebula, Juno Wells – Free eBooks Download


I’ve been taken captive
By the man who saved me, And now he plans to take me
To his alien world, And put his babies inside of me!
Only his ship isn’t where he left it, And now I’m stuck with this big blue guy
With rippling muscles, and a lot of confidence in how he feels about me… What if I don’t find a way to send him home
Without me?
What if I make the choice. To let myself fall hard For this hot alien invader?

Klioc: I came to this world to build an army, But then I saw her — the one called Jessica.
Her thick curves make me forget. That I’ve got to find a way to get home
And reclaim the throne of Califas.
But Jessica is more important now. She must be mine.
She is my Nura, my soulmate.
It can only be her.
But now the shadow Goddess – Naya Umbra —
Is coming for Jessica, And telling her that we are not meant for each other.
Can I stop Naya Umbra before it’s too late? Will I make the decision
To marry Jessica, Even if it turns out she’s not the one the Goddess Yalani fated to me?

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