Alien Dragon’s Hunt by Aline Ash (ePUB)

alien dragon's hunt, aline ash

Alien Dragon’s Hunt (Dragon Barbarians of Kitala #1) by Aline Ash – Free eBooks Download


I’m screwed. First, I’m kidnaped by ugly, toad-looking alien slavers. Then, their space ship crashes. Stranded in the wilderness, I doubt my negotiation skills and strong work ethic will do me any good.

When a massive beast swoops down from the sky, I’m certain I’m about to meet death. Rough scales, strong wings, and a huge tail flash in front of me. Hard muscles stretch over his humongous body.
But instead of tearing into me, the warrior dragon eyes me. Judging by the way his loincloth moves, he likes what he sees. And who wouldn’t? Still chained and with my bare beauty on display, I’m practically gift-wrapped for him.
I should be intimidated by this dominant and powerful barbarian chieftain named Haze. Instead, I wonder what it would be like to carry his babies.
Yet Haze can never have me. I’m the property of the local mafia, who has invaded his planet. I’ll be sold to the highest bidder to entertain some gangster. If Haze fights for me, his tribe will die.
Will this possessive dragon let me go to keep his tribe safe? Or will he claim me as his?
Either way, I’m starting to think that I shouldn’t defy him this hard…

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