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Alien Domination (Taurean Warriors #3) by Melody Beckett – Free eBooks Download


He’s the grumpiest of grumpy aliens. And there’s only one bed.

Domik Vo’Ress might be grumpy, but the huge alien warrior is putty in the hands of the sunshine-like Clodagh ‘CJ’ Jones. And the games she plays to make him smile? Secretly, he loves them. Because for Domik, love is not a game, it’s the all-consuming passion of a sun turned supernova. And Domik has secretly loved CJ for a long time.
To everyone else, she’s prickly and sarcastic, but Domik brings out CJ’s best side. The alien warrior is a giant wall of stoic muscle. He makes her feel protected. Safe. Needed. But that’s not what she deserves. It doesn’t matter that her heart pounds when he’s near, not if she’s only going to get him killed.
When their space shuttle blows up, it’s like CJ’s worst nightmares come to life. The pair squeeze into an escape pod made for one, and nothing could get worse, could it? What about working together to survive? Learning to trust each other? Spending a night in the dodgiest motel in existence—complete with a mirrored ceiling and only one bed? Yeah. No way could it get worse. Especially not with the feelings flowing between them. Right?

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