Alien Bride by Deiri Di (ePUB)

alien bride, deiri di

Alien Bride (Scifi Alien Human Romance #3) by Deiri Di – Free eBooks Download


I thought getting fired for a social media blunder was rock bottom.
Oh I had no idea how low I could go.
Enter: my friend Caley is running a mated marriage matchup agency, and my crazy idea is to marry an alien, one of those super cute dancing and singing ones that took over our planet a little while ago. But guess what? The alien in question that I’m matched with? A naga! Yeah, that’s right. My new hubby-to-be is one of the alien species that has visited Earth on the regular for a millennia.
Meet Aeson, the naga ready to create my nightmares… and my dreams. He’s here to help me out of my mess, but his idea of “help” is way more adventurous than I bargained for. Turns out, Aeson isn’t just about looking intimidating; he’s got this whole protective, I’ll-do-anything-for-you vibe that’s impossible to resist.
He’s terrifying in all the ways that I need.
Between battling my panic attacks and navigating his wild, reptilian way of doing things, I might just find exactly what I need: someone who’s there for me, no matter what. And maybe, just maybe, falling head over tail for him is exactly what the doctor ordered.

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