Alien Boyfriend for Christmas by Luna Kingsley (ePUB)

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Alien Boyfriend for Christmas by Luna Kingsley – Free eBooks Download


She paid him to be hers for the holidays.

Isabel can’t wait to return to Earth for Christmas. Her dream job as the lead botanist on Niri was worth traveling across the galaxy, but she’s not going to miss out on the trappings of her favorite holiday. Not to mention she misses everyone back home. Everyone except her ex, of course. She’ll do everything she can to avoid seeing him again but running into him around town is inevitable.
Verrik is tired of the monotony of his day-to-day life on Niri. He works long days as an electrician to try to get ahead and save what money he can. One day he hopes to be able to support a family of his own but as an orphan, his opportunities are limited. The one good thing that comes from his current job is meeting the unique, curvy little botanist from Earth.
She’s headed back to Earth for the holidays. He’s ready for his own adventure. Her suggestion to be her fake alien boyfriend is unconventional, but the payment is too good to pass up. When the lines between fantasy and reality begin to blur, they find themselves navigating unexplored territory.
Can a Niri Alien and Earth female find a way to make a relationship work for real?

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