Alien Admiral’s Mistress by Scarlett Grove (ePUB)

admiral's mistress, scarlett grove

Alien Admiral’s Mistress (Timegate Mars #4) by Scarlett Grove – Free eBooks Download


Mars is under attack and all I can think about is that I still don’t have a match. I know it’s wrong. But I’m stuck here in the bridal city alone. All I ever wanted was a family. And if they Mantis swarm gets through Mars’s shields, I’ll end up dying alone.

As Admiral of the Martian military, the defense of the planet falls on me. I’ve warned the king about ignoring development offensive technology. But the timegate took priority for decades. Now that the Mantis swarm has traversed the gate into our time space, that oversight may spell disaster for us all.
In the middle of a critical operation, I am distracted by a notification on my phone telling me I’ve been matched with an Earthling. In a moment of distraction, lives are lost. I cannot ever allow myself to loose focus again.

I never imagined being matched with the hottest Admiral in the galaxy, would involve spending so much time alone. But I get the feeling Raylon doesn’t want anything to do with me. I can’t let it end this way. I know there’s something between us. And I know he feels it too, if he’d just admit it.

Bethany is the kind of woman I never imagined I could possibly have in my life. But my responsibility to Mars has made it impossible to give her what she deserves. I hope that my harshness won’t destroy what we might possibly share. My men and I fight desperately to maintain our offensive shields. If we survive, I hope that I still have someone to come home to.

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