Alex Drakos: Branding Her Again by Mallory Monroe (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

branding her again, mallory monroe

Alex Drakos: Branding Her Again by Mallory Monroe – Free eBooks Download


When Oz Drakos, the kid brother of billionaire industrialist Alex Drakos, accidentally kills the daughter of the state’s Governor, The Drakos Hotel and Casino comes under unrelenting siege by a grieving, vengeful father who believes Alex paid off the cops and covered up the truth. He will stop at nothing to destroy everything the Drakos family holds dear.

At the same time, Kari Grant-Drakos, Alex’s beloved but neglected African-American wife, is shocked when she discovers that Jordan’s biological father, her very first love, is very much alive and very much wants his son and lady back in his life. Kari cannot deny that she still has strong feelings for him, and cares deeply for him, and Jordan is torn too.

Alex, concerned that he just might lose the two people he holds most dear in this world, shifts his entire focus to courting his wife again. He starts giving her the attention he knows he should have been giving her all along, and tries his best to be a better father to Jordan. He does everything in his power to keep his family together, even as his flagship enterprise, his hotel and casino, is falling apart.

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