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alarm fatigue, barbara rachel

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Rachel Lazarus is perfectly content with her life as it is.

She lives for her family, her best friend, and her two cats. Admittedly, she does not lead an exciting life, but it is a good life, firmly grounded by her faith. Rachel is a survivor – of loss, of trauma – so everyone should cut her some slack and leave her alone. Of course, her world has become rather small – she works the night shift and spends much of her free time in her safe place at home, watching her stories. Life is just how she wants it—safe and quiet. That is until the women in her life decide she needs to get out more.
Agreeing to go out on three dates sounded simple enough, but Rachel’s life is soon turned upside down as she’s swept into a whirlwind of feelings and insecurities, revealing layers within her she’d long since forgotten. Rachel’s journey isn’t just about dating again; it’s about rediscovering herself, sometimes facing the trauma of the past, and reigniting a passion for life she thought she had lost. Alarm Fatigue invites you to a story of second chances, where sorrow and joy combine to awaken a closed heart.

Will love be the ultimate cure for Rachel Lazarus, or is facing the world outside her comfort zone a door she simply cannot walk through?

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