Alana & Hudson’s Very Real And Totally Legitimate Marriage by Audrey Cannon (ePUB)

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Alana & Hudson’s Very Real And Totally Legitimate Marriage (Friends With Benefits #1) by Audrey Cannon – Free eBooks Download


Alana & Hudson:
Congrats on your fake marriage!!! As your best friends, we love you both and also are deeply suspicious of you being able to convince Alana’s misogynistic doctor that you’re a legitimate couple. Sure, we know it’s necessary—Alana’s uterus has an evacuation notice that we’d all like to see fulfilled, and Hudson’s art career cannot flourish if he is an empty husk after working in a cafe every day. (Also, stress literally making his heart condition worse?? Love that for him).
And while that courthouse kiss sure looked legit, we still have reservations. Don’t worry—we’ve got this covered. We’re setting up some activities for you to do to get used to lying to people about being married. Just a few. Nothing major.
We’re sure everything will be super normal, and it’s not like you guys are going to fall in love or anything. No matter how weird and sexually charged the vibes are between the two of you, and quite frankly, have always been. What’s up with that?
Anyway, happy marriage! We love you!

PS: Just to be clear, we had nothing to do with all those people finding out you were married—that seems like karma or something. Good luck with that, though.`

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