Aggressive Desire by Rochelle Summers (ePUB)

aggresive desire, rochelle summers

Aggressive Desire (The Egan Ranch #6) by Rochelle Summers – Free eBooks Download


Their love made her feel like she was in heaven. So, when she found out about the attack, she was crushed. Her heart sank seeing Doug sprawled on the ground. And then it started burning with rage. She knew who was behind all their troubles. It was her ex.
But her man is a fighter, and he will teach the bully a lesson when he recovers, and she will always be by his side. This madness has to stop.
Duane doesn’t take no for an answer – he is a dangerous man, ruthless and angry – ready to do anything for gain. How could she not see it then?
But now all cards are out. That man’s dirty tricks are over. And her guy is going to take him out of the game. She can’t wait to watch her ex get what he deserves.
Love is fair. Some make it blossom, and it stays forever. Others take it for granted but get angry when it is gone.
Darlene knew that they were meant to be together at first sight. And so did her Doug.
Things may unravel, problems may come, but she feels confident in the future with him as they write their love story together.

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