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agent's integrity, jenn allen

Agent’s Integrity (Solar Hearts #3) by Jenn Allen – Free eBooks Download


Life is only black and white until it isn’t.

Agent Julia Carter is a big sister first and a cop second. Between juggling a moody teenage sister and tracking down a kidnapper, she doesn’t have time for a personal life. She is not interested in a romantic relationship. She’s working on a case that could make or break her career, and she is going to solve it. When she gets something in her head, nothing can stop her, not even getting kidnapped herself.
Ethan West isn’t looking to be a hero. He’s perfectly happy to go about his job in virtual isolation. Studying the weather might sound boring, but chasing storms is his version of a fun weekend. Until he stumbles upon an attempted murder. He has no desire to assist a cop, but the universe seems to have other plans. They have an undeniable, instant connection, and he feels drawn to her fiery spirit. He wants to convince her to explore their connection, but he’s not being fully honest about himself. If she finds out his secret, it could destroy everything.
With their pursuers closing in, Ethan and Julia have no choice but to seek shelter on the worst planet imaginable. The only option is for them to risk everything on a long shot. When they are forced into impossible circumstances, will they pull together or be torn apart?

Agent’s Integrity is the third book in the Solar Hearts series. There will be eight books featuring six couples. The books should be read in order.

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