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Agency (Trinity Security Solutions #6) by Tory Palmer – Free eBooks Download


My name’s Carmen… Or is it Candice? Or maybe even Yvette?
No, that’s right. I’m Ambyr Jaros.
Not that any of the men in my life know that. Whether they’re the men I meet in hotel bars, or my clients I fly all across the world to visit on behalf of the Agency for one night only, they’ll never find out who the real me is.
And, trust me, I prefer it that way.
That is, of course, until I meet Morgan. Handsome, smooth, sexy, capable, I know he’s ex-military within moments of seeing him in some seedy St. Louis bar. By the end of the evening, I realize he’s far more than meets the eye. Which leaves me worrying he’ll see through my own veil of deceptions and lies. So, this one-night stand will have to stay that way.
The next night, after a date with my Russian mobster client goes precisely to plan, I meet two drop-dead gorgeous men who can easily make me forget Grigori Smolensky’s gross attentions. Just as sexy as Morgan, the tall, dark, and handsome duo of Andrew and Jericho sweep me off my feet in no time flat. And, luckily, drop-dead is only figurative in Andrew and Jericho’s case–unlike with the Russian mobster’s corpse. Because, oh, Smolensky’s condition is grave after the wild night I showed him.
Oh, did you think I was that kind of call girl? Sorry… No.
True, I might show a client the time of their life. But if I’m doing my job right, a date with me is also the last night of their lives.
But Andrew and Jericho? Their condition is hot and very much alive, and both leave me feverish and desperate for more of their touch, even if I need to abandon them the next morning. Between them and my night with Morgan, I begin to realize I can’t live this kind of life for much longer. Three men, two wild nights, and none of them even knew my real name! What kind of existence is that for a young woman?
The next morning, my handler surprises me as I’m trying to sneak out through the hotel lobby. I tell her I’m done with this life, and she tells me she’ll talk to Management. But, first, she needs me to complete one more job before leaving town. After that?
After that, I’m free and clear.
Things never turn out the way people promise, though, and all our best laid plans soon turn to ruin. Because, who should be at this next job, but the three men who spurred me to leaving this life in the first place. Even worse, I quickly discover that my newest client isn’t who my employers say she is, and the Agency has a contract on my head.
Now, I’m on the run with Morgan, Andrew, and Jericho, who are all pissed at me for lying about the little things–like my real name, or the fact that I know close quarters combat. We’ll need all our training, skills, and dedication to get out of this. But, we’ll also need our trust, camaraderie, and passion, especially as the sparks we felt our first nights together turn into a flaming bonfire that might be too hot for even this trained assassin to handle.

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