Age Gap at the Bakery by C.J. Turner (ePUB)

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Age Gap at the Bakery (At the Bakery #4) by C.J. Turner – Free eBooks Download


The front of the shop was quiet, and the only people in the seating area were Andres and an older couple talking quietly over cups of tea.
Caleb was about to make his move when a shocking sound suddenly erupted from the speakers of Andres’ laptop.
“Oh yeah…yeah Papi chulo…give me more!”
Was that a naught video? Why the hell was Andres watching that. In public. With the speakers on?
Then Caleb realized what was happening. It didn’t explain why the man was watching that type of content, but his earphone jack was not fully inserted into its port. Andres didn’t know that everyone else could hear what he was watching.
Should I rescue him?
The older couple was looking at Andres in horror, but Caleb couldn’t help but find the situation kind of funny. He spent a few seconds pondering before going over to Andres’ table—less to save him from embarrassment and more to make sure the older folks weren’t scared away from the bakery permanently.
Caleb pushed the earphone jack all the way in, causing the theatrical moans to stop and Andres to look up at him in confusion.

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