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“My vision blurred as I tried to process what was happening. I didn’t want to go to my dad’s funeral, but this really isn’t what I pictured happening to stop me.”

While anxiously awaiting a flight to her dad’s funeral, Autumn Blake finds herself trapped in an airport bathroom after an earthquake. She soon discovers that she is not alone, and well-known celebrity, Lexi Harlow, has been imprisoned alongside her. Little do they know they are both dealing with their own grief. Memories of Autumn’s strained relationship with her dad weigh heavily on her as she battles the decision of whether she should even attend his funeral. Lexi’s past constantly haunts her as she battles living life in the spotlight. Confined within the walls, secluded from the outside world, will they spiral into madness? Amidst the chaos will they find solace within each other or will they remain stuck both literally and figuratively?

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