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AFK Deployed (Loving My Soldier) by Layne Daniels – Free eBooks Download


We’ve been gaming together online for months. I’ve been lusting after her for nearly every minute of that time.
CEO and co-founder of a woman-owned video game company, Rowen’s the target of too many petty haters. She doesn’t know it, but every time I’m AFK (Away From the Keyboard) Deployed, it’s dealing with whatever scumbag du jour is making threats against her this time.
I convinced her to hire Cyber Patrol, the security firm my former SEAL brothers and I own, hoping to take our online games into real time. When Rowen finds out I’m both WhizzardSquid and the president of CP? Damn. I finally get the chance to see that the woman behind the Roguella avatar is every bit as powerful and potent as her online persona.
Now I just gotta convince her to let me make my deception up to her. If she’ll let me prove I’m worthy of her, I’ll spend a lifetime watching her six online and in the real world.

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