Affection Of A Wolf by Jennifer Snyder (ePUB)

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Affection Of A Wolf (Dark Moon Pack #4) by Jennifer Snyder – Free eBooks Download


He’s aware being near her might put her in harm’s way, but his wolf refuses to acknowledge it. She’s returned to town, and he’s determined to make her his while promising to keep her safe.
Louis Perez is the last of his pack to find a mate, but he’s okay with that; there’s too much looming danger to focus on finding love right now. However, fate seems to have other plans in mind when the only woman he’s ever felt an undeniable connection with returns to town.

Addie Douglas is only in town while her mother heals from hip surgery. She’s not here to become sentimental about being back in town or to pine after the guy she was too scared to confess her feelings for before leaving. Once her mother is healed, she’s heading back to the city. That’s the plan—until she sees him, and her plan goes out the window.
When Louis and Addie find themselves in a dangerous situation, Louis is left with a difficult choice: unleash his wolf to keep her safe and risk scaring her away forever, or stay as he is and be unable to protect her from harm. Both come with their own sacrifices, but he knows which is greater.

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