Admit You Love Me by Ajme Williams (ePUB)

admit love me, ajme williams

Admit You Love Me (Irresistible Billionaires #2) by Ajme Williams – Free eBooks Download


When a rich aristocrat wins you in a card game for one night, there’s one thing you do not do….
You don’t get pregnant.
But I did.
And now… I’m screwed.
When I ended up in this billionaire’s suite all those years ago, I knew that my life couldn’t get any worse.
It was my husband’s stupidity that put me there. The man literally bet me in a game and lost.
He slowly squandered all of our money and left me with absolutely nothing.
But the encounter that was supposed to destroy my soul… changed my life.
My one-night billionaire made me feel beautiful with all my curves.
And he gave me a child.
A secret baby that he knows nothing about.
Now years later, I keep running into him.
Fate is playing this sick game with me.
It’s making it hard to keep our child from him.
I know that trouble is right around the corner.
So is heartbreak.
And did I mention that I could lose everything I care about?
Including my own kid?

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