Across the Fields of Love by Melynda Carlyle (ePUB)

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Across the Fields of Love by Melynda Carlyle – Free eBooks Download


She came to him carrying the hopes of an inexperienced heart. He greeted her with love, and an adventure she never expected to find…

How far would you go seeking love and adventure? Caroline Frazer wants nothing more than to become a Mail-Order-Bride and live the dream of true love under the Western Sun. Yet, her roots lying deep in New York, as well as her family’s status, prevent her from chasing her dream…until she replies to a Mail-Order-Bride ad, relinquishing her heritage, embarking on her most adventurous journey yet.
How can one’s perception of life change? Gregory Novak can easily reply to this question. After surviving a robbery at his ranch, Gregory puts up a Mail-Order-Bride ad, as he wishes to be alone no more. When an enchanting woman from New York replies to his letter, Gregory’s world changes forever.
Underneath the hesitant exterior of their relationship, both Gregory and Caroline feel strong emotions of love and desire lingering. Their life together is nothing short of a fairytale, and yet, their happy ending may not be so easily achieved. Caroline soon discovers that not everyone in Gregory’s household is what they seem.
When prying eyes and ears start lingering on Caroline’s chest in which she holds her jewels, she will have to try her hardest to protect her domestic life from falling to ruin. But once Gregory is caught in danger himself, Caroline realises she’ll have to put all her skills to the test to save him and be prepared for the unexpected! Can a woman like herself, unfamiliar with the harshness of the West, make it?

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