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accepting fate, j laine

Accepting Fate (Fated to You #1) by J. Laine – Free eBooks Download


My 18th birthday was supposed to be the happiest day of my life but quickly turned into a day I’ll never forget. I ran away from everything I knew and never looked back.
I never let anyone close enough in case my demons hiding in the shadows decided to make a move…Until I met him.
He came into my life as if he were a shining light in my world full of darkness. I knew the moment I looked into his midnight blue eyes that he was the one I had been looking for to help me out of the shadows.
I tried to push him away, but we were inevitable. I just had to accept that fate would allow me to feel his love forever. But unfortunately for me fate isn’t always on my side. Eight years after that tragic day, everything I had been running from finally caught up to me.

When I met her, I saw something familiar.
We both harbored secrets that turned into demons. She feared what lurked in the shadows and I harbored the loss of the loss of the ones I pushed into them.
Without realizing it, she helped me out of a place that was so dark I never thought I’d see the light again.
I never thought I would find someone that would accept me and the weight of the ones I’ve lost.
Until one day the demons surfaced and threatened to take it all away. I made a promise to her that I would keep her safe, and I will stop at nothing to keep that promise.

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