Academy of Mages and Shifters #3 by Laura Wylde (ePUB)

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Academy of Mages and Shifters #3 by Laura Wylde – Free eBooks Download


I’m labeled an outcast because I did’t want a harem.
I came to the Academy of Mages and Shifters to excel in two things: magic and fighting.
Other Druidesses at the Academy come from “special” lineage. But, I’m just a plain Jane who knows how to use a sword real well.
Because of my experience and skill, I’ve been chosen to protect the human realm from the ruthless demons in Edinburgh.

One caveat: I need to bring a group of men to help me.
Finding a harem has never been my priority until now…
Joseph: a bear shifter and reliable protector. Mostly keeps to himself.
John: a bat shifter and an amazing demon scout. Tall with cute dimples.
Ethan: Tall. Broad shoulders. Strong. Deer shifter who is able to carry me around quickly.
Nathan: Unlike the others, he’s not a shifter at all. However, he’s Irish and is one of Merlin’s descendants.
Even though there are vast differences between us all, we do have at least one thing in common – we’re outcasts in the eyes of our peers.
I can’t help but wonder whether romance is even possible with my men.

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