Academy for Misfit Witches #1-3 by Tara West (ePUB)

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Academy for Misfit Witches #1-3 by Tara West – Free eBooks Download


Academy for Misfit Witches
A strong siren, mischievous dragon-shifters, a murderous mage, and an ancient Fae legend make this romance a wild adventure!
My grandfather, the most powerful wizard in all four realms, wants me dead, and I’m left with no choice but to trust my life to three rebel dragon shifters with a penchant for mischief and devastating smiles. But how can I trust them when every man I’ve ever known has let me down?

School for Stolen Secrets
Some secrets are better kept hidden….
My grandfather still wants me dead, especially after I foiled his plot to annihilate the shifter race. He’s planning revenge—not just against me, but also my mates and our unhatched eggs. I can’t help but be suspicious when the fae claiming to be my father suddenly wants to be part of my life, forcing my mates and me to follow him to the mystical fae realm, a mysterious place that leaves me with more questions than answers and fills my heart with dread. If we survive the fae, an even darker fate awaits us.

Academy for Courting Curses
“If you think Goldenwand is the vilest witch who’s ever lived, think again. An ancient and evil beast has been awakened, and she possesses the wand to kill us all.”
An ancient curse has been lifted, and my dragon-shifter mates and I must stop a vengeful demoness from incinerating the world. And we thought passing final exams would be hard.

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