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academically yours, jennifer chipman

Academically Yours (Best Friends Book Club #1) by Jennifer Chipman – Free eBooks Download


Noelle Hastings
I don’t believe in love. Not anymore. Despite what my romance novels claim, there’s no happy ending for me at the end of this journey.
Instead, I’m just trying to get through my last semester of grad school while working as a Hall Director for my university. After all, I had my best friends in my life, so what use did I have for someone who was just going to leave me when they decided I wasn’t good enough?
And yet, somehow every time I am in the same room as him, it feels like every fuse on my body is lit. I can’t explain this attraction to him, and even more, I can’t explain the way his actions make me feel.
How every day, he proves to me a little bit more that maybe it’s okay to fall in love again.

Matthew Harper
I’ve been told I’m a grump. Which is fine, really, because it keeps people from prying further into my life. I’m okay with the way things are, living alone, just my sister and my best friends in my life. I don’t need anything more, because you know what they say: having it all just means you can lose it all. And I can’t go through that again, so I’m protecting my heart.
It’s my second year teaching full time on campus, and that’s when I meet her.
And suddenly, everything else seems insignificant. Because I can’t get her smile out of my mind, or the way she jokes with me. I want every smile she can give me, and so much more.
But is dreaming of a future with her the very thing that would cause my ultimate downfall?
Maybe, but all I know is that I am going to soak up every moment I can with her before I lose her.

Academically Yours is a steamy adult romance featuring a grumpy/sunshine couple, a hot professor, a romance book-loving girl, and two characters who learn to love again through each other.

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