Absomoosely in Love by Jacqueline Winters (ePUB)

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Absomoosely in Love (Sunset Ridge #7) by Jacqueline Winters – Free eBooks Download


When he agreed to help fulfill a late friend’s final wish, he never expected to find the one thing he swore he could live without: true love.
Cody Evans has a life that works for him. Every fall, he closes up his kayak shop in Sunset Ridge, Alaska and heads across the world to wherever the stunt work takes him. By design, his lifestyle doesn’t allow for serious relationships or romantic entanglements. His family isn’t thrilled that his newest filming job will take him away for three whole years, but they’ve accepted it.
Days before Cody is scheduled to get on a plane, a woman shows up in town to deliver a special letter to him.
Jenna Kingsley has spent most of her life trying to please the older sister who raised her after their mother passed. But after years of falling short, she’s fed up. When Grandpa’s will requests that she hand deliver a letter to a man who lives in Alaska, Jenna doesn’t think twice about loading up her dog and all her belongings.
She heads north, without plans to ever come back.
Little does she realize that in the letter was an Alaskan bucket list. She must complete all the items with a man she’s never met in order to receive the keys to Grandpa’s cabin—the very ticket to freedom she’s been seeking.
Cody doesn’t have time for sightseeing, but he’d never forgive himself if he refused his late friend’s final favor. Even if it means spending time with a woman who intrigues and challenges him in ways he never expected.
He could very easily fall in love, if only he believed in such things.

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