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absolution, monique orgeron

Absolution (Youngblood #5) by Monique Orgeron – Free eBooks Download


My ghosts will rejoice knowing my wrath is their vengeance.

After years of searching, it has come to this.
To this place where my past comes full circle.
The only absolution I will find is through the vengeance delivered by my hands.
All that stands in my way are the Sterns and the undying loyalty they require.
I’ll gladly give it because in the end, there’s no life beyond my final fight.
I’m determined with a singular focus, until they throw Chloe upon me and she becomes a distraction I can’t afford.
At every turn, she lights a fire I’m not sure I can extinguish, or if I want to.

Tired of living in the shadow of my sister’s choices, I’m determined to break free.
With echoes of disapproval constant, my boundaries will be tested.
A threat I never saw coming has forced me with Gunner, stealing the very
independence I’ve been desperate to gain and makes me question where my trust should lie.
What I never factored in, was my ability to trust in him, a man I despise.
He’s the steady I’m learning to count on.
Making hating him, that much harder.
But I should heed his warning because he will break me like no one else can.

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