Absolution by L.G. Castillo (ePUB)

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Absolution (Reign of Angels #3) by L.G. Castillo – Free eBooks Download


Long ago, I left my father’s heavenly palace as a fallen angel. Today, I return a prince, unworthy of my royal heritage.
Each grueling step I take brings me closer to a throne I don’t want and carries the burden of what I’ve done. My dearest friend’s blood is on my hands. I sacrificed an angel’s life and risked the lives of others for the love of a human.
I betrayed my kind, yet myriads of angels bow their heads as I take my place to rule over them. I am not who they think I am, who I am pretending to be. I want to scream the truth, desperate for them to see how we are all trapped in my father’s game. I’m the only one who can stop him from complete domination.
Karenna’s freedom is my absolution. I will sacrifice my life for hers so she and all humans can live in peace. To end this wicked game, I must do the unthinkable: abandon Karenna and promise to love and cherish another.

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