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aberration, kane daemon

Aberration (Hell’s Justice #3) by Kane Daemon – Free eBooks Download


Vin Reed was not the type to be tied to one woman. Hell, that’s why he lived by the motto “live hard, die free.” And since he didn’t expect to live another six months, falling for a woman should have been entirely out of the question. But then Raven Stansfield enters his life. A goth chick he meets in a bar. A goth chick whose father just happens to be the powerful Senator Charles E. Stansfield, a man who wants him dead.

Raven Stansfield could never meet her father’s expectations, so why even try? She was the rebel child every parent dreaded, especially a senator who was running for President of the United States. But despite her father’s request she be a princess, the tattooed and pierced-covered Raven takes her rebellious ways a step further, falling in love with a member of the outlaw MC Hell’s justice. And when Raven and Vin invite the daughter of a rival club member for a threesome, there will be more hell to pay than either could have ever imagined.

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