Abducted By her Highland Lover by Fiona Faris (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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Abducted By her Highland Lover by Fiona Faris – Free eBooks Download


Sometimes not marrying the one your heart desires is a blessing in disguise…

Lady Elizabeth Lennox is heartbroken after her father announced that she couldn’t wed Thomas Adler, the man she loved, but a Scottish Laird instead. She is to become a beacon of peace between England and Scotland through this arranged marriage. But fate works in mysterious ways…
On her way to her new life, she comes across the most alluring brigand and he is unlike anyone she has met before.
Evander, known as the Red Hand, has been the terror of the Highlands for quite some time. A contract compels him to abduct Elizabeth for the assets of a different clan, but everything changes when Elizabeth takes something from him; his heart.

However, for them to be together is a difficult task to achieve. Evander’s secretive and haunted past will demand his attention, while Thomas will not lay down his weapons without a fight. He will try to claim what he believes is rightfully his.
How will the couple survive from this threat? What is Evander’s secret that torments him so?
He was hired to kidnap her, she stole his heart instead…

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