Abandoned at Birth by Mazzy J. March (ePUB)

abandoned at birth, mazzy j march

Abandoned at Birth (Reaper’s Claw Wolf Pack #1) by Mazzy J. March – Free eBooks Download


There’s a monster inside me. If anyone knew, they would probably kill me.

I’m like a triangle trying to fit into a circular hole. My parents treat me like I’m a pet they are obligated to care for. I have one friend at school, and she only uses me for cheating on tests. The thing is, I’m glad they keep their distance. They should.
Because there’s a beast inside me. I shift under the cover of night, trying to hide what I truly am from my parents and anyone who knows me. I keep her under wraps as long as I can until she tries to burst from my skin.
All I want to do is finish high school so I can get out of here and be who I am without hiding. There have to be more like me. There have to be.
While my parents are out of town, there are wolves roaming outside right before a group of people barge in, claiming they are my real parents, demanding I make a decision: come with them or stay hidden like a coward.
So I do what any werewolf in hiding does—I run. I run thr9ugh the night and into the dawn. When I return, my parents are back. They say they’ve had enough. They say they’re done with me.
Looks like my decision was made for me.

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