A Wolf’s Heart by Isha Fáng (ePUB)

wolf's heart, isha fang

A Wolf’s Heart (Blue Moon Shifters #4) by Isha Fáng – Free eBooks Download


A Vau who is afraid his secret will shatter everything he holds dear to his heart. An Alpha who is ready to fight and do anything to heal his mate’s scarred heart.

Tyrone- Once upon a time my kind were hunted by the alphas around the world. We were feared and murdered.
With time, life had improved for my kind, but not for me.
I was kidnapped and tortured for years by a deranged man.
Finally free, I’ve found a mate and my family.
But life doesn’t stop here. A new enemy is gearing up to destroy everything I hold dear.
Mathew says he has my back, will stand by me.
But will he support me when he finds out what I’m capable of, what secrets I’m hiding from him?

Matthew- I wasn’t looking for a mate, but I found one—chained and bleeding, and on the cusp of death.
He acts like he’s fine, but some scars cannot be erased.
And now he has to help his friends stop a mad man on a rampage. I know he can do it.
I just wish he had faith in himself.
And in me.
I will prove him. I just need time.
Unfortunately, time is not my best friend right now.

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