A Witch in Westcliff by Candace Wondrak (ePUB)

witch in westcliff, candace wondrak

A Witch in Westcliff (Westcliff School for the Gifted) by Candace Wondrak – Free eBooks Download


The only witch in an academy full of warlocks. What could go wrong?
My welcome to Westcliff wasn’t exactly a great one. No red carpets for me. No one wants me here, least of all the warlocks who think my mere existence here is pointless. Witches and warlocks don’t mix, you see, because witches are supposed to be weaker; warlocks, by nature, are more powerful.
I have four months to catch up to my male classmates in Westcliff. Four months until I’m put to the test in front of seven of the most powerful warlocks in the world.
They don’t think I can do it.
They think I’ll fail.
Some, as it turns out, are willing to go to any lengths to see me crash and burn.
Luckily, I’m not alone. Three warlocks stand by my side—Harrison, the broody and silent type; Jace, my long-lost childhood friend; and DeRose, a young, handsome, and infuriatingly rude instructor. Together, we just might prove everyone wrong, that witches can be just as powerful as any warlock.
No pressure.

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