A Wildflower for a Duke by Laura Linn (ePUB)

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A Wildflower for a Duke by Laura Linn – Free eBooks Download


A lovelorn, widowed duke…
Gabriel Anson, Duke of Northam, wants his wife alive and beside him again. Given the impossibility of that occurrence, he’ll settle for seclusion from society and a good scotch to share with his demons. But devotion to his young daughter, Nora, prohibits even that pathetic option. Returning to his country estate, Gabriel longs to find his equilibrium and some much-needed peace. What he discovers instead is a quirky, goat-farming scientist and her shy, adolescent son.

An eccentric bluestocking…
Violet Evans is content to fill her days raising goats, pondering scientific curiosities, and helping her remarkable, but slightly out-of-synch son, Zach, navigate the world and his feelings. Despite being a tenant farmer on the Duke of Northam’s land, she never expects or wants to actually meet the man. After all, dukes are all insufferable, self-important prigs. Right?

An unorthodox friendship…
When a chance meeting between Nora and Zach culminates in their unlikely friendship, Gabriel and Violet can’t stop their paths from converging as well. Neither expects the friendly affection that blossoms between them, much less the sparks of something far more complicated that ignite when they’re together. When catastrophe strikes and marriage becomes the only means of safety for the Evans family, Violet and Gabriel fight for their budding love even as it’s threatened by shadows from the past.

After thirteen years of marriage to a rose, will this duke fall for a wildflower?

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