A Wedded Midlife by Lia Davis (ePUB)

wedded midlife, lia davis

A Wedded Midlife (Witching After Forty #8) by Lia Davis, L.A. Boruff – Free eBooks Download


Ava and Drew are getting married!


But it’s not going to be easy. C’mon, this is Ava we’re talking about.
As her powers go completely bonkers, everything that can go wrong suddenly does. After all, she’s a witch and her beloved is technically a witch hunter.
Drew’s family isn’t helping matters either. Everyone Ava loves turns out to be a creature that freaks them all out.

Witches? Check.
Vampires? Check.
Shifters? Check.
Ghouls? Check (Check, check.)
Add in the devil, a snarky talking cat, and the fae (boy, they are not helpful at all).

It seems like the only direction anyone will be marching is away from each other as quickly as possible.

The last thing Ava needs as she tries to get to the altar is an old nemesis turning up, so surprise, surprise that’s exactly what happens. As chaos wreaks havoc for the witches and hunters alike, Luci decides that now is the perfect time to go MIA. The devil is in the details, and it turns out no one knows anything about this demon king after all.

Will it be hell on earth or happily ever after for the newlyweds?
No one’s really sure yet…

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