A Wager in the Woods by Tiffany Costa (ePUB)

wager in woods, tiffany costa

A Wager in the Woods by Tiffany Costa – Free eBooks Download


Sometimes you step outside to have your morning coffee and have a moment of peace in the serene, wooded landscape of your brand-new home.

Sometimes you step outside and find a truck lodged in your fence.
Lodged into said fence wasn’t exactly how Luke Davidson wanted to meet his mysteriously hermitic neighbor. Alas, he was a bachelor riddled with vices that often got in the way of his plans.
Maeve Osman, the hermit in question, can’t stand Luke’s arrogant swagger. The mathematician moved out to the small mountain town to get away from society, and men like Luke. Unfortunately, Davidson Lumber and Building Co. is the only contracting company within one hundred miles. So when she needs to rebuild her dilapidated barn, she has no other choice than to put up with Luke’s insufferable ego…
And the attraction that comes from watching her unfairly handsome neighbor build her a barn to live out her homesteading dreams.

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