A Vineyard Wedding by Katie Winters (ePUB)

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A Vineyard Wedding (The Vineyard Sunset #8) by Katie Winters – Free eBooks Download


The island of Martha’s Vineyard bubbles with anticipation— summer approaches, as does the first Sheridan wedding in decades.

Susan Sheridan left her life in Newark almost a year ago. Since then, Susan, Christine, Lola, Audrey, and Amanda have lived out every life milestone under the sun— from divorce to new loves, illnesses, to second-chance romances, and beyond.

Now, after a year of cancer and healing, it’s time for Susan Sheridan to have her happily-ever-after with her high school sweetheart, Scott. There is so much to be done before the huge event—but Susan Sheridan is good at staying busy. And when a woman gets into a bit of trouble on the island and needs Susan’s legal assistance, Susan can’t help but step in and take charge. This is just her way.

And a criminal trial on the island is set to keep Susan and the rest of the Sheridan clan on their toes. It is set to be another spring and summer of unforgettable memories.

Dive into this new women’s fiction series by heading to Martha’s Vineyard— a backdrop of white sand and crystal blue waters that follow the stories of the Sheridan clan. A heartwarming journey of friendship, loss, and love that will have you wanting the next book.

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