A Very Un-Shakespeare Romance by Ava Miles (ePUB)

very un-shakespeare, ava miles

A Very Un-Shakespeare Romance by Ava Miles – Free eBooks Download


All that glitters is not gold… Sometimes it’s just stacks of cash stolen from the mob, piled in a bedazzled diaper bag.

With his cousin on the run, police officer Robbie O’Connor becomes a fake single dad to protect her two baby girls and their cat, Miss Purrfect.
The fool doth think he is wise… Feeling safe with the kids hidden away from danger, Robbie turns his eye toward their new sexy neighbor, Summer. On any other vacation, she would be the perfect holiday fling, but it’s out of the question while juggling kiddie duty and trying to clear his cousin’s name. Except there’s something about her…
But a rose by any other name doesn’t always smell as sweet, especially when Robbie finds out he’s not the only one pretending.
Oh, what a tangled web…

International bestselling author Ava Miles delights with this standalone grumpy sunshine rom-com packed with perilous calamity, good triumphing over evil, and an unlikely happily ever after… all being silently judged by the family cat.

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