A Very Mountain Man Valentine’s Day by Shaw Hart (ePUB)

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A Very Mountain Man Valentine’s Day (Fallen Peak #1) by Shaw Hart – Free eBooks Download


I’m in love with a man who I’ve never met.

It all started six months ago when I accidentally emailed the wrong person.
From the first email, I was addicted.
Over the last six months, we’ve formed a connection. We became friends, sharing everything. From there, we became best friends, but now I’m hoping that, maybe, we could be something more.
Our emails have gone from nervous banter to fun to flirty, so it only made sense to me that we should take our relationship to the next level and finally meet each other in person.

I was hooked on Rory from the very first email.
I’ve only fallen for her more in the last six months but I know that there’s no way that she could love me. Not with my hulking size and the scars that run down the left side of my face and body.
When she shows up on my doorstep, I’m shocked.
Not because she looks like a curvy goddess, but because she doesn’t seem disgusted by my appearance.
When Valentine’s Day is over, will I be able to let her go back home?

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