A Twist of Poison by HR Penrose (ePUB)

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A Twist of Poison by HR Penrose – Free eBooks Download


“My beautiful little angel.”
Those words cemented the day my world changed. I was painted in shades of brutality and sketched into an impeccable design of what he wanted.
Reborn in pain and doused in cruelty, I returned to my hometown after two years—the place that had me running.
But everything had changed, I had changed.
Thrust back into a world of money, status and secret societies with danger lurking around every corner, I tried to navigate my studies at the prestigious Coldharbour University.
Once upon a time, they were my best friends—Hollis, Texas and Preston.
They’re no longer boys I grew up with. Now, they regard me with contempt, and make no show to hide it.
Survival became all I know, I’ll do whatever it takes to grasp a sliver of normality. Even if it meant separating my realities.
Hollis, Texas and Preston had their secrets, as did I. Until the beginning of mine started to unravel, sweeping us all in its destruction and annihilating the relationship we’d rebuilt between us.
Not everything was what it seemed. They fed into the lies and lived by their version of it, but when the truth emerged, they finally understood that betrayal lurked closer than they’d imagined.
East Bay was riddled with an undercurrent of evil. And they were about to realise just how deeply it ran.
I belonged to them heart, body and soul. But my heart also beats for someone else.
And the thing about secrets… they always come to light.

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