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A Time as This by Bex Jalise – Free eBooks Download


Twelve women. One bachelor.

For most of the women, the man is the prize. For Tess Benjamin, winning the reality dating show Singles Fix means convincing the bachelor—who happens to employ half of Fairlisle, North Carolina—not to shut down operations, plunging the town, Tess included, into unemployment.
When Tess’s uncle convinces her to join the show’s cast as the secret “Hometown Hero” to get close to Xander, her adventurous nature cannot pass up the opportunity to save her friends and family’s futures. Her uncle promised it would be easy. Charm her way close to the bachelor. Convince him to confide in her. Get out with her heart and town intact.

For Xander Ahern, Singles Fix is not about finding a wife but finding publicity for his failing company. Xander only agreed to the ridiculous marketing stunt to appease his board of directors. Besides, no one said he had to actually fall in love, but no one told him he would meet someone like Tess, either.
Neither Tess nor Xander entered the game to find love. But when no one and nothing, including the rules, is what it seems, they might just find themselves with more than what they planned for.

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