A Thousand Second Chances #8 by Mia Clark (ePUB)

thousand chances 8, mia clark

A Thousand Second Chances #8 by Mia Clark – Free eBooks Download


It’s supposed to be the happiest day of my life.
Turns out it’s also the hardest…

Dear Gavin,

Do you remember the first day we met?
It seems like only yesterday…
Technically it’s today, isn’t it?

When I first saw you in the library,
I knew something about you was different.
I just didn’t know exactly what yet.

You looked at me as if you could see right through me.
Thinking back, I think maybe you actually could.
I thought you were full of BS and fake sweet words, but…

We’ve done so much together.
Impossible things.
Things I never could’ve done without you.

This is why I’m ready now.
I’m ready to move on with you.
I’m ready to face the entire rest of our lives.

Can we please do it together?
Always and forever?
No matter what, no matter how.
No matter where we find ourselves when we wake up tomorrow morning.

I trust you with everything.
I love you more than anything.

And if worse comes to worst,
I know you’ll be there with me.

Thank you for showing me what’s possible.
It means more than I could ever tell you.

A Thousand Second Chances is a contemporary time loop romantic comedy series where the two main characters are stuck reliving the same day on repeat, a la the film, Groundhog Day. What do you get when one witty bad boy meets the good girl of his dreams? With zero consequences to any of their actions? Turns out it’s more than you could ever imagine.

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