A Thousand Second Chances #10 by Mia Clark (ePUB)

thousand chances 10, mia clark

A Thousand Second Chances #10 by Mia Clark – Free eBooks Download


his is a side story that also contains a flashback-style prequel to Gavin and Everly’s main story. It explains more of what went on during A Thousand Second Chances and shows you how the characters ended up in the situations they were in before they first met.

This started so long ago.
I almost forgot how it happened.
Look, when I told Everly I wanted to take her on a surprise date, I just thought it’d be nice to show her a place that’s really special to me.
I didn’t plan on us going rogue, being on the run from the police, risking our lives hitchhiking by accepting a ride from a fully tatted up trucker named Gus, and, uh…
I mean, this is probably better than the actual surprise, actually. I’m in.
Anyways, I just wanted to take the love of my life somewhere important to me.
But by the end of it, drudged up memories from the night before our lives started playing on repeat come bubbling to the surface.
We never realized how close we came before all this.
I’d do it all again even if it took me a thousand more tries.

A Thousand Second Chances is a contemporary time loop romantic comedy series where the two main characters are stuck reliving the same day on repeat, a la the film, Groundhog Day. What do you get when one witty bad boy meets the good girl of his dreams? With zero consequences to any of their actions? More than they could have ever imagined.

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