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A Thief In The Night by K. Sterling – Free eBooks Download


Long ago, Romance was ruled by rakes. The time of the ton came to an end and rakes gave way to new, more modern heroes. What if there were still some rakes left in the world? What if they were every bit as devastating and irresistible as the rakes we’ve loved and longed for but modern?
K. Sterling believes there are still some rakes out there and their time has come. The rakes have returned.

Quinn Waverly is not a rake. He’s a nanny. Not your normal nanny but he’s more Mary Poppins than party boy and he’s in way over his head. He’s searching for his lost brother among the most dangerous and debauched of London’s elite. Can Quinn save his brother without losing his heart to a thief in the night?

Roman Carlisle is a rake. In fact, he may have broken the mold, knowing him. He’s the world’s greatest thief and his reputation is as shocking as it is dark and mysterious. He causes chaos with the snap of his fingers, slips through cracks like smoke and he owns the night. Roman’s ruthlessness, elegance and sensuality has made him a god from Belgravia to Stockwell but can he steal Quinn’s heart and be more than a thief in the night?

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