A Teddy Bear for Prince by Lorelei M. Hart (ePUB)

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A Teddy Bear for Prince (Omegas of Animals #11) by Lorelei M. Hart, Wendy Rathbone – Free eBooks Download


Growing up in foster care, bear-shifter Teddy never knew he had any family, much less a cousin only one state away. When he gets the news, he jumps in his car without a second thought. Maybe this is the family connection he’s been longing for all his life. He meets his cousin and his mate at Animals for the first time and things go better than expected, so he decides to stay in the desert for a while.
Lion shifter Prince was going to be a a rock star. His parents decided that before he was born, going so far as to name him after their favorite musician. The only problem…he has less talent than he has desire to devote his life to music, and his desire is none. Now Prince has years of education in something he not only doesn’t love but isn’t good at, a pile of student debt, and no real direction in his life. At least his grandfather loves and accepts him for who he is and gives him a job at his B&B.
When he is asked to attend an animal rescue meeting at the famous Animals on his grandfather’s behalf, he expects to go, be bored, then stick around for a little club action. The last thing he expects is to scent his mate…a mate who is no longer on the premises. Now what?

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