A Tale of Treachery by Mellie T. Tollem (ePUB)

tale treachery, mellie t tollem

A Tale of Treachery (Darkest Dynasty #1) by Mellie T. Tollem – Free eBooks Download


Dahlia has spent her life running from a monster, only to fall into another’s path.

It’s been ten years since she escaped the darkness. Ten years spent hiding her magic in a kingdom where magic is outlawed. But despite neglecting that side of herself, Dahlia is happy with the life she’s built in Cambriel. Not only is she on the fast track to becoming a Royal Scholar, but the love of her life, Prince Aiden, is finally returning her long-held affections.
However, the infuriating Royal Assassin, Ryken, shadows her every move. He’s always watching and waiting to catch a glimpse of whatever makes her tick. In his relentless quest to figure her out, Ryken uncovers Dahlia’s darkest secret—and he’s not above using blackmail to get what he wants.
Dahlia will do anything to keep her secret, even if it requires getting close to the mysterious assassin. Because if the truth gets revealed, everyone she loves will pay a deadly price.
And that price is delivered by the hands of a monster.

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