A Summer Mismatch by Kaylee Baldwin (ePUB)

summer mismatch, kaylee baldwin

A Summer Mismatch (Diamond Cove Romantic Comedy) by Kaylee Baldwin – Free eBooks Download


Julia always gone for the safe choice. The sure thing. Until she falls for her family’s (irresistible) archenemy. Now the forbidden has never looked so sweet.
Julia Peters needs to learn to say no. No to extra hours at work. No to her grandma’s meddling. And no to letting her second-grade students practice their makeover skills on her. Which they do—of course!—the day she meets the man of her dreams.
Wildlife vet Logan Kent does not want to lose one more thing he loves. If closing his heart means his personality is starting to resemble the solitary, irritated bull elephant he’s treating, then so be it. Then Julia careens unexpectedly into his life, with her vivacity and light—and questionable makeup skills—and she brings out a playful side to him that’s been missing a while.
One major complication? Their grandpas are sworn enemies.
Julia’s grandma sees immediately that Logan and Julia are a perfect fit and secretly enlists her friends to help her play matchmaker. But when Julia’s and Logan’s archrival grandpas find out, they’ll do anything to separate these star-crossed lovers–even if it tears them all apart.

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