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For nearly twenty years, noble families have torn the country apart battling for the throne. Until now, the Tialttyrin have avoided the chaos, since no other nobles will risk offending the mysterious, powerful fae by attacking their favorites. But as the violence encroaches into the Tialttyrin’s green valley, continued peace might require action. Or so Zelli, the family’s youngest and most fae member, believes.
Sheltered and inexperienced, Zelli resolves to save the valley and his family even if it means sneaking away to act on his own. He stops only to ask his family’s sworn guard Tahlen’s opinion on the matter. Thoughtful and reserved despite his young age, Tahlen has experience with the war going on outside the valley, as well as the respect of the other guards and the ear of the leader of the Tialttyrin. He surprises Zelli by agreeing something has to be done and that Zelli is the one to do it, but insists that if Zelli goes, Tahlen must go with him.
Tahlen is oath-bound to protect Zelli with his body and his life, but that oath says nothing about accompanying Zelli on a forbidden journey, or offering countless acts of service to the smallest and most useless member of the Tialttyrin family.
Zelli has no idea what to make of that and little time to think on it. His fae blood has started to act up in the most embarrassing ways, dangers from outside are creeping in like the fog the valley is known for, and the confusing stirring in his heart when Tahlen is near seems to be getting stronger.
As Zelli glimpses the warmth beneath Tahlen’s stony exterior, he grows closer to understanding his own feelings and how far he will go to keep Tahlen’s sacrifice from ever being necessary. It will take all of his quick thinking and generous nature, as well as some help from the unseen fae, but Zelli of the Tialttyrin will protect his people, his family, and above all, Tahlen.

Set in the same universe as A Suitable Consort (For the King and His Husband)

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