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A Stellar Year by Krystle Rose – Free eBooks Download


Nomi Phillips is done dating. She has vowed to take a break from it for a minimum of 365 days. That’s one full year to get her life back on track and learn to love herself so that she can, in turn, be loved the way she feels she ought to be. Owen Blankfield is a notorious playboy and the town’s most eligible bachelor. He also happens to be her brother’s best friend. He’s got no solid plans for the future and is content living a carefree life. However, when he sees Nomi’s success with her vow, Owen decides to follow suit, effectively taking him off the market — and putting him more on Nomi’s radar than ever before.

As the two spend more time together and help one another grow, their feelings for each other blossom from friendship into something much more. Only, they’ve got a year before they can fully explore those emotions. By then, will either of them have accomplished what they set out to do? And will it mean a future that includes them being together? Only time will tell.

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